Friday, April 4, 2008

ISC West Wrap Up

Editors in attendance: 3
Bags full of giveaways and product releases, information, etc.: 3
Meetings attended: 25
Impromptu meetings: Many
Business cards gathered: hundreds
Electrical Contractor bags distributed: 3,000
Electrical Contractor bags seen in airport: 5-10
Miles walked: likely close to 36
Blisters on feet: 5 on each
Sleep: close to zero
Calories consumed: undisclosed
Beverages consumed: ????????
Status: Success overall

The ISC West show is always a challenge to cover the entire thing, as there's just way too much interesting things for the electrical contractor. However, we did your bidding, ran our feets to the bone and did all we could to find stories and trends to bring you in the coming months.

Always an education, ISC West gives us a broad view of the security industry. We're lucky to have been in attendance.

More tales have come up, especially in the areas of electronic locks and CCTV. My last meetings today, at Ingersoll Rand and Samsung, stressed the importance that the electrical contractor think beyond just the connection; you should continue installations and specifications all the way to specifying and installing the end products. This would make you even more the valuable and create great dividends. Why would you want to leave all that money on the table?

The Samsung executive talked about training available to contractors on surveillance and cameras, which might be a helpful way for the EC to get the information to make those profits.

Much more was gleaned from every meeting, and additional wrap-up thoughts may show up here from time to time. Keep checking back or sign up for the RSS feed.

'til Lightfair,

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Allan said...

Andrea and Ed,

I can certainly relate to the 5 blisters on each foot. The ISC West show is one of the biggest and the best in the industry. I began attending them in 1990 when I worked for another mag and ever since then I've made just about every one. It's a great way for everyone in the security market to network and learn from one another. Thanks for the updates.

Al Colombo