Friday, February 29, 2008

From the Show Floor, Day 2

Day 2 revolved all around meetings, first with E-Mon/D-Mon, then with MEP Jobs, then with Woodhead. Also spent some time at the Maxis booth, and various manufacturers of meters and testers.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Construction, Construction Everywhere!

Looking out my window of the hotel that borders the Las Vegas Convention Center, I counted 18 construction-related cranes. And that's facing north, toward old Las Vegas. Imagine if I were facing the other direction, toward the new part of the Strip.

This place is hopping, and it's not just the nightlife.

From the Show Floor, Day 1

The show opened at 11:00 a.m., which is a superb opening time for Las Vegas, as bleary-eyed attendees seemingly spent long hours at the gaming tables last night.

The story for the show so far: New products are in the works, on their way to you, or currently released. Many of the product stories are perfect for busy contractors looking to maximize their time on each job. Efficiency. Productivity. Money and labor savings!

Met with a slew of different companies, from Greenlee; to GE Consumer & Industrial Electrical Distribution and Lighting; TradeService, which is taking its products online...very exciting stuff for you out there who uses them; Lithonia; Bridgeport; Cal Conduit Products; Specified Technologies Inc.; EFI Electronics. It was a wide-ranging assortment of products and stories.

Also met in person one of our favorite contributing editors, Rich Bingham, who has some new ideas for his Power Quality column.

Monday, February 25, 2008

First Stop on the Tour: Electric West

Packing my bags, heading for the open skies. I'm off to Electric West, in desert-y Las Vegas. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR and Security + Life Safety Systems is exhibiting at the show, and I'll be out there attending sessions, talking with other exhibitors and finding out what's in, what's out, what those in the electrical contracting industry need to know.

In the next few days, check this site for these bits of news and information. I'm planning on updating this as often as I can, perhaps several times daily.

Andrea Klee

Off and Running!

We did it! ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine is now blogging our experiences on the road. Come along with us through this blog, as we supply news and share experiences we have when traveling to trade shows, industry meetings, etc.

Best of all, we can save you the hassle of airport security checkpoints with the 2 oz. or less liquid requirements!